Back from “Blogethargy”

Ah-choo!!! Ah-choo!!!

Yes, I had caught the virus of blogging lethargy. My immune system must have been really weak to have caught the virus so early on; and by early I mean after writing four posts!   

Its not that I have not been writing all this while. I have penned down several poems and have been writing a lot on my iPhone notes. But the ‘blogethargy‘ virus had found a nice cozy home (read expansive mansion) inside my bloodstream, and despite the nudges and jolts from my conscience and from my husband, I speedily surrendered to the inertia. Talk about oxymorons!

Then one fine day in Barcelona where I had gone to exhibit my paintings, I lost my iPhone. I did manage to magically recover all my writings, but that incident was like a strong antibiotic shot for my virus. Ahem, did I mention that this happened in December 2016? Yes, eight months ago! As they say “old viruses die hard”. I truly believe that everything is a process, yes, even the split second decisions of our lives. Except that in this case my split second was eight months long.

Nonetheless, what is important is that I have finally decided to commit to being a “regular” blogger. As you might have noticed, I am keeping it a little vague here. Well, it’s so that I can come to my own defence when my commitment is judged at a gunpoint! It’s called self-preservation you know.

As many of you know, since my last post I have moved to Munich with my family, and in these last two years Munich has given me so much more than I had expected.

My time so far in Munich has been my stint as an explorer. What have I explored? I have explored the obscure, unknown but mostly hidden territories within myself. And boy, there were some! I have unlearned some, re-learned some and often done both in that order.

I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone as a part of many of these unlearning and re-learning pursuits, and this has caused me to suffer embarrassment, pain, hurt, guilt and sometimes self-imposed ridicule, but I enjoyed every bit of it. Each of these small leaps deserve a mention, and mention I will, in my subsequent blogs.

Munich has given me so many of my “Firsts”. Each giving me a sense of amour propre, exhilaration and most importantly a sense of liberation. I realised that these tiny, and apparently insignificant, liberations are enough to unshackle the mind from its own captivity…slowly, one knot at a time.

I am energised and looking forward to sharing more with you…after all I am a  recovering Blogethargic !


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  1. Yay! Glad to see that you are back re-energized. As a fervent student of life, your mind processes your experiences and in turn inspires your art. Travel opens up dimensions in your perspective like few other influences can. Keep challenging and channelling your inspirations. You have a powerful and meaningful voice that deserves to be heard. Much love and luck to you 🙂

  2. Dear Asmita,
    As you know, it was one of my heartfelt desires to see you blog again. You have so much to tell the world, and what better way than to blog. I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many many more to come. Go ahead and rock the world!
    I am cheering for you.

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